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Campbell & Pound proudly offers real estate services to the City of Burnaby and includes services such as residential appraisals, investment appraisals, commerical appraisals, industrial appraisals, and depreciation reports or contingecy reserve fund studies. You can be confident when using Campbell & Pound as our team of local Burnaby appraisers have indepth knowledge of not only Burnaby but also its neighbouring municipalities such as Vancouver, New Westminster, and Coquitlam.


Brief History - The City of Burnaby received its charter of incorporation on September 24, 1892. It was named after Robert Burnaby who had explored the region around Burnaby Lake in 1859. Robert Burnaby, a merchant and businessman, was active in a variety of community affairs and helped develop much of the west coast. Robert Burnaby went on to serve five years in the BC legislature before returning to England because of poor health. In all, he has given his name to a city, a park, a lake, a hill, a Vancouver street, a mountain range in McKenzie Sound, an island and a narrows in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

By 1896, Burnaby had its first park along with a store, post office, two schools and a church. Within five years, the population in South Burnaby had grown to 400. The opening of the Barnet Mill in North Burnaby in 1900 started a second settlement within the municipality.

Almost 100 years later Burnaby's population has grown to over 165,500. Our population continues to grow into the hundred thousands. Burnaby’s economic base has changed from logging and agriculture to service, commercial and industrial activities. Community, business and personal service industries account for approximately 27 percent of the employment in Burnaby. This reflects Burnaby's growing role as an urban centre.

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