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Campbell & Pound proudly offers real estate services to the City of Maple Ridge, which includes residential appraisals, investment appraisals, commerical appraisals, industrial appraisals, and depreciation reports or contingecy reserve fund studies. You can be confident when using Campbell & Pound as our team of local Maple Ridge appraisers have indepth knowledge of not only Maple Ridge but also its neighbouring municipalities such as Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Mission and Pitt Meadows.


Brief History - The City of Maple Ridge was incorporated on September 12, 1874 . At that time there were less than 50 families but these early pioneers saw the potential of their new home as a place to raise their families and create prosperity and opportunity for future generations.

With a vote of the assembled citizens, one of BC's first municipalities was born. The choice of the name came from the trees and topography of John McIver's farm. There was a magnificent stand of maple trees along the ridge that ran along the edge of the McIver farm and followed the line of the Fraser River. This new municipality officially became 'Maple Ridge.'

Over time, the character of Maple Ridge would begin to form and bring with it all of the opportunities that those who first settled the area hoped would come. Neighbourhoods like Hammond, Whonnock, Webster's Corners, Ruskin, Albion, and Yennadon sprung up and provided the homes where families could flourish. Each had their own post office, community centre, churches, stores, and schools.

Maple Ridge grew alongside the province's earliest transit route - the Fraser River. When the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed in 1895, the community gained further benefits as the railway ran along Maple Ridge's southern border adjacent to the Fraser River and brought with it the enormous economic benefits associated with 'The National Dream' of a coast-to-coast rail system. The railway helped local agriculture, forestry and manufacturing industries grow and prosper as the markets for local products expanded both east and west.

Since those early days Maple Ridge's economy has grown to encompass manufacturing, high tech, education services and has become a favourite destination for the television and film production industry. Today Maple Ridge has a population of approximately 76,000, and this area has been identified as one of the high growth areas of the Metro Vancouver Region.

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