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Campbell & Pound proudly offers real estate services to the City of New Westminster, which includes residential appraisals, investment appraisals, commerical appraisals, industrial appraisals, and depreciation reports or contingecy reserve fund studies. You can be confident when using Campbell & Pound as our team of local New Westminster appraisers have indepth knowledge of not only New Westmisnter but also its neighbouring municipalities such as Delta, Vancouver, Burnaby, and Coquitlam.

Brief History - The City of New Westminster is the oldest city in Western Canada. In 1859, the Royal Engineers arrived from England to establish the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia. The chosen site was selected both for its beauty and strategic location on the Fraser River.

On July 20, 1859, Governor James Douglas proclaimed that the new city would be officially named “New Westminster” – a name chosen by Queen Victoria herself. This naming by Her Royal Highness gave residents, both then and now, the honour of referring to their home as the “Royal City”.

The completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885 accelerated New Westminster’s growth and development. The new rail line allowed goods to be transported through New Westminster’s port and throughout Canada and the world. New buildings and businesses quickly sprouted up along Columbia Street, serving as an important thoroughfare for business in the city.

In 1898, a devastating fire destroyed much of the downtown area. Citizens were determined rebuild their city and within a few years a new downtown emerged. Over the next twenty years new industries were established in New Westminster including shipping firms, paper and lumber mills. Columbia Street, or the “Golden Mile” as it later became known as, prospered and attracted shoppers from across the Lower Mainland.

Over the past one hundred and fifty years, New Westminster has continued to grow and thrive. Our community isn’t just another suburb of a larger city – New Westminster’s heritage, traditions and character set us apart with a unique identity.

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