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Campbell & Pound proudly offers real estate services to the City of Richmond, including residential appraisals, investment appraisals, commerical appraisals, industrial appraisals, and depreciation reports or contingecy reserve fund studies. You can be confident when using Campbell & Pound as our team of local Richmond appraisers have indepth knowledge of not only Richmond but also its neighbouring municipalities such as Vancouver, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, and White Rock.

Brief History - The City of Richmond was incorporated as a municipality on November 10, 1879. Richmond was designated as a city on December 3, 1990.

Richmond's islands were built up and shaped by the mighty Fraser River and it is the river that has shaped our growth. The fishery and the rich Richmond soil provided by the river has been the basis for our economy and industrial development. Richmond's history is rooted in fishing, agriculture, shipping, aviation, and later in manufacturing, service and technology.

The vitality of the fishing industry attracted Japanese fishermen to Richmond, adding not just to the industry but to the richness of our community as a whole. The growing cannery and boat building industries brought more immigrant workers to the area. Among these were First Nations people and the Chinese contract workers who originally came to British Columbia to build the railway. Steveston, in particular, became the centre of the fishing industry, gaining international fame for the quality and bounty of its canned salmon. Despite the pressures of changing times, Steveston has survived as a unique, diverse community that maintains strong ties with the sea.

Richmond continues to attract in-migration from many other countries and from other parts of Canada. Recent migration has been most notably from China and Hong Kong. Our cultural diversity has enriched our city and made Richmond an exciting place to live.

Richmond is often seen as a new community because it has seen such dramatic growth over the last few decades but you do not have to look far to see the factors that have shaped our history. The land, the river, and the sea made Richmond unique over a century ago and this is still true today.

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