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A Little History

Campbell & Pound is a professional practice of accredited real estate appraisers which has been active in the Vancouver metropolitan area including the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley for the past 38 years. Campbell & Pound originated in 1939 as a realty sales, insurance brokerage and notary public office. In 1961 the company began specializing in all aspects of real estate appraisal and related consultancy work. At that time, the company was located at the northwest corner of Burrard Street and West Broadway in the city of Vancouver. It has celebrated serving this industry for over 60 years, with its current head office in Richmond and branch offices in Surrey and Abbotsford.

Scope of Services

Campbell & Pound provides a full complement of professional real estate appraisal services with both Residential and Industrial/Commercial/Investment divisions.
The company operates a fully automated office and maintains an extensive database, which is constantly updated with the latest market information. By far, the majority of appraisals prepared by the company are requested by financial institutions for funding purposes. However, a significant number of appraisals are required for the purpose of litigation, foreclosure, insurance, estate planning and administration, asset valuation, taxation, expropriation, and arbitration.

Company Resources

The greatest assets of Campbell & Pound are its team of well-trained, knowledgeable and dedicated appraisers, some of whom hold the real estate professional designations of:

  • AACI - Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute
  • CRA - Canadian Residential Appraiser
  • RI(BC) - Real Estate Institute of British Columbia
  • CRP - Certified Reserve Fund Planner

The company has a large staff of residential and commercial appraisers, with openings for an experienced and accredited commercial appraiser. A brief description of the current staff and their areas of expertise can be found on The Teams page.


Our major clients include all Canadian chartered banks and financial institutions; reputable legal and accountancy firms; leading developers, builders, and real estate companies; the Ministry of Transportation and Highways; municipal governments; private investors; and notable individuals.

24 Hour Hotline

Campbell & Pound has a hotline (604-270-8885) which allows you to speak personally to one of our managers after regular hours for urgent appraisal assignments.

Pledge of Conduct

We do not solicit clients on a mass basis. We solicit through referrals from satisfied customers. We provide service which is swift, accurate and confidential. We protect the integrity of the industry as well as our client base. Our client list is held in the strictest confidence and no appraisal is discussed with anyone other than the addressee or their representative (provided authorization is received). Each of our staff members is polite, courteous, professional and dedicated to providing you with the best service.
We maintain a sophisticated up-to-date computer record of all our appraisals, as well as general market analysis and trends. This helps us provide you with fast, accurate and reliable appraisal services including cost effective "in-office" update appraisals and electronic transmission delivery of all appraisal assignments upon request.

- Daniel M. Jones AACI, P.APP, RI(B.C.)


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