Front Office Operations Manager

Chantelle Clark


Chantelle is Campbell & Pound's Front Office Residential Division Operations Manager. She has been with Campbell & Pound since 2009 and is experienced with appraisal practices and real estate office management. Chantelle came to Campbell & Pound from Scotia Express as an assistant financial underwriter with a strong financial operations background. Chantelle manages the front office appraisal operations for the firm. She performs, coordinates and oversees technical and office administration duties of the Residential Division's appraisers, including provision of varied and complex office duties with supervision of clerical and other support staff. She collects, records, maintains, and updates property appraisal data, as well as order and contact databases. Assignment dispatchment, customer support representative, and general manager of the office are just a few of Chantelle's duties in a day. She is the person on the front line and your resource for any non-valuation related questions.